#May1st #SIGHT THE FUTURE against School dropout

To invest in your training help you to find a job

NEETs, young persons Not in Education Employment or Training, aged between 15 and 29, out of school and without a job, in the 2007 in Italiy were the 18,8% out of 25,7% in comparison to 2015.
So, over the years, we've worse, but the comparison with the year 2007 makes clear that it is an ancient phenomenon.
What we must not neglect to say is that education is a good investment for the protection of unemployment, the proportion of those are looking for a job decreasing when studies have higher-education qualification.

The 77,8% of graduate have a job

Today is Labor Day and we want to wish all the best to all working women and men and to people who'd lost their jobs, to temporary and precarious workers without any visible future and must of all our best wishes are to all young people for their future!

Source: Eurostat “Statistiche dell'occupazione" ; Istat “Noi Italia. 100 statistiche per capire il Paese in cui viviamo” .