Earthquake in Central Italy: fundraising for the purchase of schools supplies

The Romolo Capranica School collapsed in Amatrice (original picture of Repubblica)

The nonprofit organization BE WITH US has decided to help Amatrice and the suburbs by providing school supplies to support families and local administration.

There are 700 students that we can help

Those wishing to help can contribute by bank transfer:

BE WITH US nonprofit organization
Bank Prossima
Bank account 100000139839
Milan Office 20121 - PIAZZA PAOLO FERRARI 10 - MILANO

IBAN: IT 59 Q 033 59 016 001 00000 139 839

BIC: (for transfers from abroad) BCITITMX

Or by PayPal using the form given below and with the possibility of using all the major Credit Cards.

Either way, by specifying the purpose:

For Amatrice

We wish to donate to children Kits containing:
1 sketchbook
1 pencil
1 eraser
1 penknife
1 box of crayons
1 books with squares
1 pen

You can see the Kit in the picture below: