WARNING to Aleha Solano

As President of BE WITH US, nonprofit organization, I am writing these lines to declare that the experience reported by Madam Aleha Solano as General Director at BE WITH US is not true. She reported in her LinkedIn page that she has had and still has an ongoing experience in the association that I represent. Mrs. Solano never worked at BE WITH US. The letter sent to Mrs. Solano by the lawyer Teodoro Cimino is presented below. Teodoro Cimino is the lawyer which has been given mandate to protect the interests of the BE WITH US organization and to support the legal action undertaken, or to be undertaken.

Cristina Furlan

Dear Madam Aleha Solano,

From what I understand by reading your LinkedIn page you have had and still have an ongoing experience as General Director at BE WITH US. As I am sure you know, this cannot definitely be true. Probably, this is purely a mistake, I would therefore urge you to correct the statements in your profile.

If this does not happen, by the power vested in me by Mrs. Cristina Furlan, president of BE WITH US, I shall be forced to protect the legal interests of the Association by application to the competent judicial authorities.

I believe I have made the position of the BE WITH US Association clear, consequently, I strongly urge you to follow this request.

Lawyer Teodoro Cimino