Economic growth cannot do without young people; neither can young people do without growth.

To define and realize one’s own training project efficiently it is necessary to keep up with our quickly and radically changing reality.

According to experts, the coming decade will be one of incredible innovation for the labour market, with radical transformations in various production and professional sectors. Among the key issues that will have a significant impact on the job market in the immediate future we find:

  • the onset of the digital age, the social media and the fast-moving development of new technologies;
  • language proficiency;
  • the sensitivity and the attention given to values and rules of acceptance and global citizenship.


On this basis, we have agreed to establish the first Scuol@MICA Center in Italy, dedicated to the community and aimed at fighting poor education of children, adolescents and adults, with the following main deliverables:

  • increasing the competence level of adults in the European context and in in the most industrialized countries, focusing on responsibility development and social inclusion;
  • actively involving young people in learning processes, also through new modalities to be implemented by teachers who are open to understanding reality and eager to learn before teaching, and through the involvement of families and local organizations;
  • contributing to reduce the school dropout rate.