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We need the help of anyone who wants to make the difference.

This is a free voluntary activity, for which we only ask you to respect the objectives assigned. In the spirit of the non-profit organization, BE WITH US we expect from all of you trust and support to build a better future together.

We believe that each person has talents to be made available for the different initiatives. Together we will try to understand what your skills and attitudes are keeping in mind that voluntary work is also passion and entertainment.

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Any event can be an opportunity to support our mission.

A marathon, a costume party, a theater play, a concert, a football match, and also a birthday or a graduation party. Each of you, with friends, relatives and colleagues, in his own name can promote a fundraising about education of the underprivileged kids.

We will provide you information materials and promote your initiative on our web page and on social networks.

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Your membership became a contribution to our initiatives and projects. The card is valid for 12 month from the date of your subscription and starts from € 30 per year.

By signing up now, you will receive the personal card membership and you will have access to a series of agreements reserved to all members.

Otherwise, you can choose to give a gift card to your friends, relatives and colleagues.

So simply choose the “card membership” during the donation task on line, or specifying the reason in the post-dispatch note or in the field of bank credit transfer.


By supporting BE WITH US’ projects, you will have access to a series of agreements reserved to you and your family if you plan a travel in an Italian cultural place. Thanks to hotel facilities, which are already cooperating successfully with us. Between agreements there are also training opportunities to participate in English language courses with discount. Because in any age you can continue to learn.